Lulav and Etrog Sets

four species - arba minim
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lulav etrog
Sunlight shines over the fragrant etrog orchards of Israel, Morocco, & Italy to turn our citrons into beautiful holiday fruits.

Etrog Lulav Sets

This fall, celebrate Sukkot with your Pri Etz Hadar, beautiful etrog and lulav,

Beautiful Israeli sets for only
35 dollars (plus shipping) each! High quality, no chinuch sets!

Etrog from Etrog Lulav
The Etrog is a known for its beauty. If you've stood through a Hallel service, with this fragrant and radiant yellow fruit in your hand, you cannot help but feel the atmospheric power of the holiday of Sukkot. The taking of the four species is an ancient tradition that derives from the Torah, when Moshe, eng. Moses, states to the Jewish people that God has commanded them to "Take for yourselves the fruit of a beautiful tree, the branch of a date palm, branches of the myrtle tree, and branches of the willow that grows by the brook." Moshe further says that God has also commanded them to rejoice with these four species in hand. The later expoundings on this verse bring forth that the tradition was given to them in the desert, rejoicing with these elemental fruits while they were yet in a barren landscape, as a formative way to prime the Jewish people to attribute proper understanding to the natural world and land of Israel that they would soon inhabit. Giving the tradition to them while they were yet nomads was a powerful means of instilling forethought and advance reflection that would propagate beautiful human qualities to flourish when the Jewish people would take root in the Israeli soil, where they would plant and grow food for living and set up means of governance and an agrarian economy. These four fruits, symbolic of the heart (etrog), the spine (lulav), the eyes (hadassim), the lips (aravot), when brought together and elevated, and when the physical elements with which God created us are used in their most natural and pure form, form the basis for a simple and fruitful outlook on all of life and its profoundly imaginative, beautiful physical reality.